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Project: Food Budget Week 22

Posted on by on May 31st, 2012 | 2 Comments »

Tip of the Week: Reduce. Reduce what? Is there something you buy regularly that you feel is necessary but you could reduce your intake and save money? For example, we recently reduced our coffee intake. Gasp! Before you stop reading, let me explain. I typically only drink one cup of coffee a day, maybe two on the weekends. My husband was drinking one cup at home a one or two at work. He decided that during the week he would skip his morning coffee and wait to enjoy a cup of java at work with his colleagues. We reduced our weekday coffee replacing it with tea or water. Not only is this healthier it has saved us money. When assessing our food spending I try to focus on those items that are not a necessity (luxury foods) and as hard as it is to say, coffee is a luxury food. Don’t hate me. Our food budget is thankful. Coffee has a hefty price tag.

Week 22 Spending


$200/week or $800/month

$200/month at Costco

Total: $1000/month

Menu Plan Week 21

Homemade Pizza on a Buckwheat Crust

Vegetarian Chili 

Best Veggie Burger Ever

Vegetarian Stir Fry

Lentil Enchiladas

Soba Noodles with Pea Shoots and Shiitakes

Slow-Baked Salmon with Carrot Cucumber Salad


I wonder how all my fellow Project Food Budget participants did this week?

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  1. Posted on: 6-4-2012

    You did a fantastic job! Under budget again!

    • JaydaSiggers
      Posted on: 6-14-2012

      I think I may just have found my food budgeting groove;)

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